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The Queen of Hearts Series is five instruments sixteen and three-quarters inches at the lower bout, with the heart-shaped soundhole festooned with abalone (or pearl), the three-point headpiece (one of Tony's last designs), the old-world 'smiling' bridge, Danny O'Brien engraved metal parts specially-designed for the series, and unique-to-each-guitar subtleties with woods and inlays (no one of the five is exactly alike). Musically and visually these instruments have been very lovely, embodying the musical character of the older J-200s but with even greater flair, zeal, and personality; and having a visual aesthetic that is simultaneously beautiful, distinctive, and timeless. The tone is best described as 'breadth and sparkle'.

History and Evolution of the Series

When I was very young my brother had an old Gibson J-50 - it was from the late fifties. Then a friend of mine bought it and it became the guitar he played when we were in junior high school. We'd spend the night at one another's house, and I always slept later than he did, so often I'd awaken to him playing that guitar. Back then I had a rather limited vocabulary for tone, but I do recall thinking that guitar had a richness and smoothness that was developed and pleasing. Click here to read more.



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