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The Art of Music and Orlich Percussion present some of the most beautiful and original drums ever.

Handmade of beveled glass and solid brushed-brass fittings, graced with original custom etching patterns, produced in very limited quantities, these drums are at once fine musical instruments and beautiful works of art.

Musicians and experts agree:
"The drums are magnificent in concept, appearance, and sound. They're destined to become among the most collectible drums out there." Rob Cook (internationally-recognized vintage drum historian)

"The Orlich snare drum is a truly unique and intriguing instrument. Its sensitive and musical. I like it a lot!" Tracy Davis (San Francisco Opera Company/Freelance Classical Percussionist)

Six inch Snare



Deco Motion Deco
As with each of the series, the Deco Motion was named for its distinctive etching pattern. Given the inherent Art Deco-like atmosphere of Orlich's beveled art-glass design, the custom-to-this-series etching pattern of symmetrically undulating geometric forms was created to accompany and enhance the Deco aesthetic.
Winged Messenger Winged Messanger
This bold etching pattern is at once consistent with and reminiscent of the motifs of Modernism so prominent in the Art Deco period, and in a playful way recalls those fantastic Saturday matinee films from the first half of the 20th century. Wed with the 'futuristic' vibe of the drum itself, the strength and stature of the Winged Messenger design is engaging.
Mayan Cadence Mayan Candence
The rectilinear design of the Mayan Cadence harks back to Art Deco's influences from antiquity and the 'exotic' cultural references in the cinema architecture of the Twenties and Thirties. Strong and spacious, this design makes great use of the beveled art-glass panels as part of the decorative motif.

Artist History and Philosophy
A drummer first, Orlich was moved by the British Invasion groups of the mid-60s, and served as drummer for the Stuart Avery Assemblage - a well-respected "Billboard"-charting Detroit group that opened for legendary groups such as the Yardbirds, Procol Harum, Spirit, and Alice Cooper (among others).

Having worked in the glass arts since 1977, he began developing the concept of a glass drum in 1989.

Orlich observed what wonderful musical properties glass availed. While experiencing the lovely singing tone colour produced by the simple activity of running one's finger around the brim of a fine wine glass, Orlich felt this phenomenon could generalize to a drum. His thought was to couple a unique and engaging tonal character with the inherent visual beauty of art-glass, making for an instrument with superior visual and aural aesthetics.

Abalone Snare Drum

Early experiments found him working with almost entirely-glass shells. Though visually stirring, they produced too many overtones for Orlich's taste. Years of refinement later, he began working with strips of beautifully beveled glass to produce a segmented shell set within a framework of brush-finished brass. This design satisfied Orlich and he began producing instruments.

As Orlich Percussion Systems developed, drums came into the possession of noted musicians such as Prince, Alan White (Yes, John Lennon, George Harrison), The Eastman School of Music, Richie Hayward (Little Feat), and Tris Imboden (Chicago), among others.

Artist's Statement
"Each drum I make takes a great deal of time. It is a handcrafted passion that I delve into with a feeling of release and reward. When I create a drum it thrusts me into the present. Past haunts lose their vigor while future pretensions and worries dissipate.

I've always been forward looking and I've always tried to do my best to honor my vision. Making these drums is fulfilling, and I'm grateful that others have been inspired by them."

John Orlich

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