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Artist Statement:

"I have been intrigued by the art of song ever since I could remember - the ways the meanings and phonetics of the lyrics played with the textures, rhythms, tone colours, melodies and harmonies of the music in ways that transcended the sum of their parts into something with an atmosphere that expressed and clarified authentic life. Whenever I heard a song that moved me it felt as though I was being loved. Notwithstanding the medium, I've always felt as though the thing that made art real and of value was its honesty and lack of contrivance, and from the very beginning, this is how I've engaged in the art of song. Hopefully, some of these musical soliloquies will create enough of a vibe to connect with something in your life's experience.

Vitreous Windows

This album, along with my second album, "Munificent Love", is a collection of songs from 1981 through 1989. The 'vitreous' descriptive (of the family of translucent) belies that any medium of expression is but a shadow of the experience itself. Yet, these 'windows' of songs still allow a glimpse that is true and clear.

In a very real way, I was learning how to deal with a complex set of responses to a sometimes beautiful/sometimes horriffic world (still am really). The instrumentation and orchestrations reveal my enthusiasm for acoustic tone colours (guitar, piano, percussion, voice) and their inherent intimacy and timelessness.

Vitreous Windows

Voiceless Applause

Recorded in 1990, this little collection continues in the gentle poetic reflective style of "Vitreous Windows" and "Munificent Love", but with a bit more layering, and better fidelity.

The cover art is reminiscent of the view out of my boyhood bedroom window, almost a metaphor for all of the spaciousness, whimsy, and 'veils' that are in the songs.

Veiled In Peace

Mingling and Opposition

My style of writing began to move to a 'catch-you-more-quickly' thing in the late 1980s. I began paying more attention to the music that enlivened me when I was quite young - the freshness, exuberance and joy of the whole early British Invasion thing. That was a real gift.

There is a rhythm to life - suffering/peace, and, if honored, the difficulties can often have a ripening effect. I was noticing this in my own life and was trying to broaden the understandings and discoveries I'd been offered.

The orchestration is enhanced with some electric instruments, and the fidelity is yet again improved.

Toiling and Softened

St. Quilta the Comforter Blesses Paul's New Tunes, Opus 5 no. 1 -

St. Quilta the Comforter Though I continued to write songs though the decade of the '90s, I didn't have the opportunity to record again until 1999. A fine artist friend of mine, Suzi Shie, created a saint to go along with her art quilts, and I loved that imagery. The very notion of inventing a saint is of the same family of the playfulness, freedom, and expressive feeling that was stirring my songwriting.

I think the renditions are more impassioned, the tone colours more varied, the range of emotion more dramatic, and the poetry more naked.

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