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Paul Klien

Paul’s Teaching Philosophy

"Art and music have always brought great meaning to my life. I don’t know why, but I know it’s real.

That gift of enthusiasm emanates from a deep intuitive place, and the honouring of it has made my life better.

It is my experience that when we pay attention to those still small voices of inclination, our lives are enriched, which is the essence of how I see my role as a teacher – to help make others’ lives deeper, truer, and more authentic.

I bring this to life by creating a spacious, friendly, caring atmosphere for people of all ages, skill levels, and aesthetic artistic affinities to explore their enthusiasms in the ways that best suit their temperaments and personalities.

Over the decades I’ve nourished and continue to nourish my own artistic and relational skills to better enhance the lives of others (the fruits of which are corroborated in the ‘bio’ and ‘review sections’ noting externally-referent adulations).

Life is brief. It is important to live it authentically. If art and music and creating are a part of your design, I may be able to help."

- Paul Schmidt.

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